Montgomery County Sex Offender Registry (SOR)


The Montgomery County Police Department’s Sex Offender Registry (SOR), part of the Family Crimes Division – Pedophile Section, is responsible for registering and monitoring convicted sex offenders and notifying the public when a registered sex offender moves into the community.

Any person convicted of a sex offense, in any jurisdiction, must register under one of the following categories according to Maryland law:

1. Tier I
2. Tier II
3. Tier III

Convicted sex offenders living, working, or attending school in Montgomery County must register in person with the SOR upon sentencing or release from jail.  Juvenile sex offenders are only required to register if ordered by the court or if convicted as an adult.

Registrants are fingerprinted upon their initial registration and photographed twice per year.  In addition, the registrant must sign a form acknowledging his/her compliance responsibilities.

The SOR conducts address verifications of offenders to ensure that the offender is in compliance with Maryland law.

Community notifications are made when an offender moves into the community through door-to-door distribution of flyers, sex offender registry internet sites, school notifications, and community meetings.  Upon request, the SOR provides presentations to schools, civic associations, and community groups about internet safety and the registry.


Call the Maryland Sex Offender Alert Line at 1-866-559-8017.  Register your phone number and zip code to receive a notification call when an offender moves into your zip code.