In February 1996, Animal Control was abolished as an independent county department, and its functions were moved to the newly created Animal Services Division of the Montgomery County Police Department.

  • The Division responds to and investigates over 9,000 complaints annually regarding public nuisance animals, cruelty to animals, and dangerous animals. Officers enforce county and state animal-related laws.
  • Care is provided for over 9,000 animals each year at the county animal shelter.
  • The Division licenses and inspects approximately 150 animal-related businesses annually.
  • The Division investigates approximately 1,100 animal bites annually, protecting the public from rabies and dangerous animals.
  • The Division provides all administrative support for the Animal Matters Hearing Board.
  • The Division administers the pet licensing program, via a private contract, which requires all dogs and cats to be licensed.
  • The Division administers and oversees contracts for the operation of the animal shelter and for deer carcass removal and disposal from county roadways and right-of-ways.
  • The Division conducts six annual rabies vaccination clinics.