Detectives Investigate Suspicious Situation in Silver Spring Area Park

Detectives from the Montgomery County Department of Police – Cold Case Unit are investigating a suspicious situation that was discovered in late summer of 2019 at the Nolte Local Park located at 200 Denver Road in Silver Spring.   Today, detectives are releasing photographs of various personal items, to include clothing, that was found buried in the park.  Investigators are asking the public for help in identifying the items found in the park and/or for any information regarding how the items may have come to be buried in the park.

In the late summer of 2019, detectives were notified by personnel working in the Nolte Local Park that they had found a small section in the park that appeared to have been recently dug up and then re-covered with dirt.   During the initial investigation, investigators unearthed various personal items, to include clothing, that appeared to date back to the late 1990s and may belong to various individuals. Detectives believe that these items have been buried in the park for several years but the hole in which they were buried had been recently disturbed.

Detectives continue to work to identify the owner(s) of the property found buried in the park and are asking that anyone who may have any information about these items or anyone who may have seen any recent suspicious activity in the park to call investigators at 240-773-5081.