Suspect Arrested for Offenses to Include Possession of Drugs with Intent to Distribute and Attempted Carjacking

Officers from the Montgomery County Department of Police – 1st District Special Assignment Team (SAT) have arrested and charged Dante Craven, age 28, of Baltimore, with offenses to include attempted carjacking, theft, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute it, and two counts of second-degree assault of an officer.

On October 1, First District SAT officers were investigating a community complaint when they observed a drug transaction.  One suspect left the area in a vehicle.  An officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop of the vehicle but the driver fled in the vehicle.  The suspect stopped the car a short distance and then fled on foot.

Through investigation, SAT officers identified the suspect as Craven.  Officers determined that Craven was also a suspect in a domestic violence incident that occurred approximately two weeks prior in Germantown.  During that incident, Craven fled from police by jumping from a second story balcony of an apartment.

On October 2, First District SAT officers located Craven in Germantown.  As officers attempted to arrest Craven, he assaulted two police officers and fled on foot.  He attempted to carjack a vehicle to get away.  Craven was arrested with the assistance of a K9.  He was found to be in possession of a knife and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.

He was transported to the Central Processing Unit and is being held without bond.

Commander Darren Francke of the First District stated, “Special Assignment Teams are highly trained officers that work to keep our neighborhoods and businesses safe by disrupting illegal activities that occur outside the sight of uniformed officers. This is a good outcome as Mr. Craven is prevented from endangering our community for the time being and may get more help with his problems. The community should feel safer because of these police professionals.”

Dante Craven