Suspect Charged During Theft Scheme After Stealing over $6,300 from Home Improvement Store

Jaime R. Teledo

Detectives from the Montgomery County Department of Police – 4th District Patrol Investigations Unit have charged Jaime R. Teledo, age 51, of the 12200 block of Dalewood Drive in Silver Spring, with multiple counts of theft after he stole merchandise from a home improvement store during a theft scheme that began in February of this year.

In June of 2019, detectives were notified by loss prevention personnel from the Home Depot store located on Broadbirch Drive in the Fairland area, that a suspect was making numerous suspicious refunds after almost every purchase.   Loss prevention personnel stated to detectives that the suspicious activity began in February of 2019 and had continued through May.

MCP detectives, working in coordination with the store’s loss prevention personnel, identified the suspect as Teledo.   Investigators conducted an audit of Teledo’s purchase history at the store and then reviewed store surveillance video during the dates of Teledo’s purchases.  The investigation revealed that between February 15, 2019, and May 4, 2019, Teledo stole approximately $6,300 worth of merchandise from the Home Depot store and then returned the stolen merchandise for a full cash refund.

On July 31, 2019, MCP detectives arrested Teledo as he attempted to commit an additional theft at that Home Depot store.   Later that day, MCP investigators obtained a Montgomery County search and seizure warrant for Teledo’s residence.  During the search of Teledo’s home, detectives recovered property (valued at approximately $20,000) that indicated Toledo may have been involved with additional thefts in the area.  The investigation into these additional thefts is ongoing.

Teledo was transported to the Central Processing Unit where he was charged with multiple counts of theft and theft scheme: $1,500 to under $25,000.  Toledo was released after posting a $5,000 bond.