MCP Recognizes Interns and Volunteers at Annual Banquet

Yesterday at the 2017 Intern and Volunteer Banquet, the Montgomery County Police Department recognized all of the interns and volunteers that selflessly give their time to the Department.  In 2016, interns and volunteers contributed approximately 30,882 hours to the Department.  Currently there are 72 active interns and 72 active volunteers.

The following interns, volunteers, and supervisor received special awards at the banquet:

Chief’s Certificate of Appreciation

  • Meg Baker

Volunteer of the Year

  • Clare Jacocks

Outstanding Volunteer Award

  • Michael Coxen
  • Dr. Abby Morris
  • Bruce Redding
  • Bill Richbourg

Intern of the Year

  • Kevin Siroka

Outstanding Intern Award

  • Michael Chatlin
  • Kathyrn McClaflin

Gloria A. Carter Memorial Award

  • David Fisher

Robert B. Davis Memorial Award

  • Dr. Joel Buzy

Noah A. Leotta Distinguished Service Award

  • Haley Johnson

Supervisor of the Year

  • Ryan Mattsson

5 Years of Service Awards

  • Barkhad Hamud
  • Brianna Morey
  • Pamela Thompson
  • Paul Weiss

10 Years of Service Award

  • Annette Luyegu

20 Years of Service Award

  • Steven Ornstein

25 Years of Service Award

  • Roseann Schneider

For more information about how to volunteer or intern with the Montgomery County Police Department, please visit:

Thank you to all of our interns and volunteers for providing such a valuable service.

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Montgomery County Police Department volunteers