Chief Manger’s Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts During the Holiday Season


Today, Chief Manger joined Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett and other county officials at a holiday safety press event to provide information to help community members “Stay Safe this Holiday Season.

Chief Manger offered these Top 10 do’s and don’ts to keep you and your family safe during the holiday season:

#10 Don’t park in a Disabled Parking spot unless you have a Disabled Parking placard and the placard is issued to you. Even parking there for just a few minutes is illegal and tremendously insensitive for those who really need that spot.

#9 Do put your phone away while you are driving or walking. Distracted driving is the leading cause for collisions.

#8 Don’t have packages delivered to unsecured locations. Packages are stolen off front porches way too often. Have packages delivered to your work address or to a neighbor who is at home.

#7 Do be careful when you are walking in a big parking lot. Pedestrians are struck by cars backing out of parking spaces every day during busy shopping times.

#6 Don’t give money to anyone who calls you on the phone, unless you know who the caller is.  Phone scams spike during the season of giving—make sure you know who you are giving your money to.

#5 Do keep your wallet in your front pocket, or in a closed purse. Keep your purse in front of you at all times. An open purse is an easy target for a thief.

#4 Don’t keep your shopping bags and packages in plain view in your car. Thieves are always on the lookout for valuables in an unattended car.

#3 Do plan ahead when you attend a holiday party. Have a designated driver if you are going to drink. Arrange for a taxi or an Uber. Do remember that WRAP (Washington Regional Alcohol Program) provides their SoberRide service every year at this time. No excuse to drink and drive. You can end up in the hospital, in jail, or in the morgue.

#2 Don’t give your credit-card information to any solicitor who comes to your door or calls you on the phone.  There are too many scammers this time of year. Better safe than sorry.

And the #1 way to keep yourself safe this holiday season:  Be aware of what is going on around you at all times. Whether you are driving, walking, putting merchandise in your car, while you’re shopping, when you are walking alone. Look around, stay in lit areas, shop with a friend, notice your surroundings to keep yourself safe.

On behalf of all of the men and women of the MCPD, we wish you a peaceful holiday.