Route 29 Batman

We are saddened by the news that Lenny B. Robinson, otherwise known as “Route 29 Batman,” died yesterday in a collision.

Our officers had the opportunity to meet Robinson in March of 2012, when his Batmobile was stopped on Route 29 in Silver Spring to verify his registration.

It was an interaction that was captured on an officer’s in-car camera. The Department uploaded the video to social media and the video went viral.

The footage depicted a positive and humorous interaction between officers and Robinson. It was evident that the officers and Robinson had a mutual respect for each other and the job that each was trying to accomplish that day. The officers learned that Batman visited children at local hospitals and was on his way to a hospital in Washington, D.C. Robinson was a good sport about the traffic stop and took photos with the officers before he left. Good-old fashioned handshakes and laughter completed the roadside encounter and Robinson was on his way.

Robinson was not much for attention and wanted to remain low-key as news reports of his interaction with MCP hit national and international news.

When we replay the traffic-stop video, we smile and laugh, fondly remembering the day that MCP met a real superhero.

We hope that the Dark Knight’s bright light shines on.



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