Media Advisory: Montgomery County Police Promotional Ceremony

  • What:  A ceremony to recognize the recent promotions of department personnel
  • When:  Friday, April 19, 10:00 a.m.
  • Where:  National Institute of Standards and Technology, 100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg

During this ceremony, six officers will be recognized for their promotion to the rank of Corporal, four officers will be recognized for their promotion to the rank of Sergeant, three officers will be recognized for their promotion to Lieutenant, three officers will be recognized for their promotion to the rank of Captain, and two officers will be recognized for their promotion to Assistant Chief.  In addition, fifteen civilian police department employees will be recognized for their promotional advancement.

The following department personnel will be recognized:

Assistant Chief

  • Assistant Chief Darryl McSwain
  • Assistant Chief Luther Reynolds



  • Captain James Daly
  • Captain Darren Francke
  • Captain Laura Lanham



  • Lieutenant Sean Gagen
  • Lieutenant Eric Stancliff
  • Lieutenant Sheila Sugrue



  • Sergeant Anthony Chuckerel
  • Sergeant Thomas D’Albora
  • Sergeant Gregory Jordan
  • Sergeant Lawrence Phillips



  • Corporal Catherine Birk
  • Corporal Jessie Knuth
  • Corporal Daniel Manzo
  • Corporal Douglas Miller
  • Corporal Michael Paul
  • Corporal Scott Wheat


Program Manager

  • Program Manager I Denis Wack


Public Safety Communications Supervisors

  • Public Safety Communications Supervisor Carolyn Bassett
  • Public Safety Communications Supervisor  John Milkintas
  • Public Safety Communications Supervisor Ana Quintanilla


Program Specialists

  • Program Specialist II Mark Blackburn
  • Program Specialist II Maureen Tonczyczyn
  • Program Specialist II William Usilton


Administrative Specialist

  • Administrative Specialist II Alessandro Nuzzo


Crime Analyst

  • Crime Analyst Ti Lor


Public Safety Reporting Aide

  • Public Safety Reporting Aide II Myra Snow


Executive Administrative Aide

  • Executive Administrative Aide Anika Herndon


Police Services Assistants

  • Police Services Assistant Rosalind Chittams
  • Police Services Assistant Felecia Lee
  • Police Services Assistant LaSheeta Lucas


Public Safety Communications Specialist

  • Public Safety Communications Specialist I – Eleni Altobelli


***  Members of the media are encouraged to cover this event.  Because this is a secure facility, media members planning to attend must contact the Public Information Office (240-773-5030) by 9:00 a.m. on Friday, April 19 to receive a special entry and parking permit.  ***