Carabineros de Chile Train with MCP

Nine Carabineros de Chile, Chilean police officers, are currently visiting Montgomery County and training with current and former Montgomery County police officers at the Public Safety Training Academy (PSTA).

The group of nine officers began training at the PSTA on Monday, November 26th and will continue through Friday, December 7th.  The entire two-week training course will be presented in Spanish by MCP Officer Carvajal.  He will be assisted by current MCP Officer Marc Erme and two retired MCP officers, John Binnix and Steve Colferai.  This will mark the first time that MCP has taught an entire course of training in Spanish.

The Chilean officers will be exposed to a variety of training during the two weeks course.  While the majority of the training will be related to emergency vehicle operations, the officers will also be introduced to MCP’s use of K9’s, will have the opportunity to participate in active shooter training at the MCP firing range, and will learn and practice defensive tactics.

At the conclusion of the training on December 7th, a graduation ceremony will be held for the participants.  The time for the graduation ceremony is yet to be determined.

Chilean officials, including representatives from the Chilean Embassy, have expressed that they are grateful for the training that their police officers will be receiving and the partnership that is being developed with MCP.

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