People with Pets Using County Cooling Shelters may Take Pets to Animal Shelter

The following information regarding the use of the County’s Animal Shelter at 14645 Rothgeb Drive in Rockville, applies only to those seeking shelter at one of the County’s three cooling shelters.

Only for those individuals with cats and dogs as pets who are going to one of the County’s cooling shelters at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, Clarksburg High School in Clarksburg, or the new White Oak Recreation Center  in the White Oak community of Silver Spring, their pets can be boarded at the County’s Animal Shelter.

If possible call the shelter’s emergency number in advance at 240-773-5900 to let them know you are coming.  The shelter closed at 5:00 p.m. but there is a buzzer next to the front that will be answered to allow for emergency pet sheltering.

Again, due to space limitations, this service can only be used by people with pets who are going to one of the County’s shelters.