Montgomery Village Dog Bite Incident

Montgomery Village …At approximately 9:00 p.m. last night, 6th District officers and a Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff responded to a dog bite complaint in the 20400 block of Boulder Ridge Terrace in Montgomery Village.  Upon arriving on scene, a Montgomery County Police Sergeant and the Deputy Sheriff encountered a Pitbull who was acting in an aggressive manner and had bitten two teenagers. The officer and sheriff deployed their tasers in an attempt to subdue the dog but the dog remained hostile.  Two additional officers, who arrived on scene, discharged their firearms, shooting and killing the dog.

Two victims had been attacked by the dog.  A 15-year-old male and a 14-year-old female both suffered bites.  The two victims were taken to a local hospital and later released after receiving treatment.  The female was bit on the arm, leg, and neck.  The male was bit on the leg and arm.

The remains of the deceased dog will be examined for evidence of Rabies.

The Animal Services Division (ASD) responded to the incident and the owner of the dog was issued two civil citations by ASD personnel.  The owner was issued one citation for having a dog at large ($100 fine) and issued one citation for unwanted contact ($500 fine).

The dog owner had two dogs with him at the time of the attack.  ASD attempted to locate the second dog (who did not bite) but the owner told officials the dog had escaped from him and had run away.

ASD continues to investigate this incident.